A premier manufacturer supplier of quality products for the recreational vehicle and marine industries. Heng’s represents affordable quality, long-standing credibility, and a commitment to service.


Heng’s carries a wide range of products to enhance the RV lifestyle. From Vents to Roofing Products, Heng’s is the number one supplier for solutions to effectively sealing & ventilating recreational vehicles and motorhomes.


Heng’s Industries offers solutions to many boating needs from power lifting to replacement gears. Feel safe on the water knowing you’re using superior quality parts with your boating vehicles. Heng’s also makes sealing and ventilating solutions for marine vehicles as well.

About Us

As one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of high-end RV and marine products, Heng’s Industries, LLC provides a wide array of product lines from vents to sealants and everything in-between. While Heng’s has many industry-specific products they provide to OEMs and distributors, they also provide goods and services to a multitude of vendors within the North American Continent. Founded in 2007 and located in Elkhart, IN, they are a recognized brand in the RV and marine industry. Their mission is to nurture relationships, streamline their processes and operations, and provide outstanding quality products and services.


We hold our workmanship and suppliers to the highest manufacturing stringencies. All materials and finished products passing through our facilities are subject to a tight quality control protocol that ensures consistent and superior results for our buyers.


We are committed to establishing a personal service relationship with our customers. Our sales representatives are always available to our customers to answer questions about our products and provide feedback on requests and concerns. They work closely with our customer service team to afford the highest standard of sales and after sales support.

Custom Solutions

We aren’t afraid to do things differently. We strive to always provide the best solutions to our customers’ pain points. With our high standards for quality guiding us, we constantly innovate in order to provide efficiency and ease through all of our products.

Our Products

Zephyr I RV Roof Vent Fan


  • MODEL SV0112 – This newly designed 3-Speed Forward and 2-Speed reverse fan is compact, light and very durable compared to others on the market.
  • FORWARD AND REVERSIBLE AIR – Powered by 12V and capable of moving up to 920 CFM of air. Perfect for drawing in CLEAN, FRESH AIR, and EXPELLING ODOROUS AIR OUT.
  • NO NOISE – Energy efficient, easy to use and perfect for your needs.
  • EXCELLENT FIT – The Zephyr I Roof Vent Fan can easily be installed in 14 inch x 14 inch openings.
  • INCLUDES 5″ Garnish.
  • EASY TO USE – Operated by a manual lift lid that is easy to lift up and down.

Universal ROOF VENT


  • White lid
  • 14×14
  • Covers interior stains left by former garnish rings.
  • New and Improved design. One-piece seam-less self-centering metal base with interior garnish and wider 1-1/4″ flange & radius corners fits all existing roof openings covering existing screw holes. Covers interior stains left by former garnish rings.

Vortex II Replacement Fan Kit


  • 9″ fan blade
  • Fits select Heng’s exhaust vent kits
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easily replaceable without compromising the rooftop seal

& Service

Heng’s Industries is committed to providing superior replacement parts for your Recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and boating vehicles. Contact us today to get the parts you need to get back on the road or waterways.

  • Replacement Ventilation
  • Replacement Roofing Applications
  • Replacement Boating accessories